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Back to home


For 5 months, I called that tiny island under Malaysia as my home.
For 5 months, I was living in paradise, living the dream what I have been dreaming.

Now those 5 months are over, and I am back in Finland, in my homehome.
It felt like traveling from home back to another home.
It felt weird to close my bedroom door for the last time, and see room empty, as I would not ever have been there.


Someone might have thought, that I must been very lonely in Singapore. Especially as I didn’t post any pictures with friends. I just posted nature pics, sometimes with hashtag #alonebutnotlonely.
I want to clarify, that I wasn’t lonely, and I got new friends.
I just enjoy being alone, and I think that’s important. And it’s important to love your own company, and know by yourself that you are not alone because you are lonely. But instead you are alone, because you choose to be.

I even had dates! Two times with a same guy.
After everything it was nothing, and nowadays I’m just thinking “what the heck did I see in that guy?”
Yeah, we all know those bad dates. Or if you don’t know, then you must have found your soul mate at your first dates. But those dates, when you can just sigh and be happy, that you won’t see him/her ever again – hopefully.
–> I had a plan to write something about these dates, because seriously those were the weird ones. But then I just did not write anything. And well now, let’s just see if I write some day…

True tourist

At least in Langkawi I visited real tourist destination 😉

“You must see Singapore Zoo!”
“Did you visit Universal studio’s?”
“OMG did you go those famous rooftop bars?”
“What the heck? What did you do those 5 months?”

I’m sorry, that I am so boring person that I didn’t visit those places. And that I wasn’t true tourist.
What was surprising? I didn’t even visit Sentosa this time. Yeah, I know, that’s terrible!

Nature, nature and once again nature.

Those who follow me in Instagram knows, that I just love nature. Especially sunsets, though sunrise is also beautiful, but waking up at 5 am is not beautiful. I mean, seeing myself at 5 am awake, that’s not beautiful.
Despite the fact, that I used to start my morning training at 6.30, so I used to wake up always before 5 am. But that was before I started to have ridiculous bad luck and couldn’t continue training.

Back to business… So I wanted to keep this ’sunset hunter’ title as free of charge. I like to show people, that you can enjoy beauty of nature without paying any fee. Except traveling to the destination.

But as I have already told, I could travel whole world for just taking sunset pics. That’s my true destiny.

Life lesson

“So what did you exactly learn in Singapore?”

That’s the question I hear a lot.
And there’s not any single right answer for that.
Most importantly I learnt about myself.

This is what I enjoy 🙂

And I think so called life lessons are most important. You can learn a lot in school – so did I – but what you learn about life and yourself is much more important than anything you can learn from sitting in school bench.

I overcame fears. I realized that you should never take life as granted.
We live only once, and life is not that long, so live every day as it would be your last. But also, remember not to go totally crazy and not taking care of yourself…
It’s important to remember to enjoy those little things, because some day you might realize, that those were the big ones.

Being ill, doesn’t mean lack of good time

“You were sick most of the time, how could you enjoy your time?”
“I’m sorry for everything you had to go through. It’s so unfair.”

Again, these are the sentences what I heard not only once but twice and many other times.
I know it’s unfair, but that’s life.
It’s always risk to travel another country with chronic illness. Even if that would be just asthma or something else. It’s always risk, I took the risk, and I went through some difficult times.

Back to home

BUT no, any of those didn’t ruin my exchange time.
I try to put this in simplest way; the fact is, that you learn from everything.
If you take attitude “why me?” “Again?” “Why is this happening to me?” You won’t learn anything.
If you are open minded, take all those damn bad things as lesson for yourself, you will learn.
At the someday you might even realize, that all those things happened for a reason. And all those things were part of something bigger. Maybe something you have been thinking a long time, but didn’t do anything.

Yes, I believe in God, and that might have sound like a religious talk, but there’s nothing to do with my belief. I would say like that even without my religious background 🙂
Because that happened to me. Some old thoughts, undone things just came closer and I realized that I have been pushing away decisions which I just must make some day.
–> More about this later also, in some other post 🙂


I will change this blog language back to Finnish soon! I like to write in English, but I just decided to start new blog in Blogspot, which will be in English. And which is still empty, so I will write there something later on this week. That way, I will keep this blog in Finnish 🙂 hopefully that way I might gain more readers, and people are not afraid to comment my posts 😉

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