20.1.2017 13:39

Fake followers but why?

Fake followers what is the idea of having them e.g. in Instagram?
I have been thinking this a lot, and still I don’t have answer.

I have asked from few of my friends who are using these “get followers for free” -apps, and even asking from them, I still don’t get it. Not because I don’t understand the answer, but because I haven’t got any clear explanation. I have even experienced the moment when my friend have tried to tell me some stupid lie, how she got so many followers. And then when I told, that she is having fake followers, she was like ”Oh yeah… It just looks cool to have so many followers.”

I am not wondering this in bad manner, but more like in curiosity level…

Just don’t get it…

Is there some kind of huge want to be popular? That using fake followers would gain you more real followers, because everyone see you already have 10K followers, so you must be some kind of cool dude.

It’s easy to find out

Because in fact, everyone can find out easily that those followers are fake.

Or am I only one, who is checking followers list from those who have over 10k followers, or sometimes event those who have over 1k?
Because every time, when someone likes my photo or comment it, or starts to follow me, I’ll check their profile. If I see some cool stuff, I’ll follow them.

But if I see they have 10k followers, and only little bit over 100 likes in each photo, it’s clear that their followers are not real.
And that is the point, where I usually don’t even bother to follow them. Not because their photos wouldn’t be nice, but usually because I feel like, that they are also somehow fake people.

I have seen that actually there is not even fake profiles who are following them, but actually you can scroll down the list, and you see those same 200 real followers at least three times.

More harm than good

In my opinion, you just make more harm for your account and your image of yourself by having fake followers…
There is actually also some researches, that using fake followers is not really that good. And especially spending money to buy fake followers, is just wasting money.

So beyond normal people having fake followers, there is actually also companies, which are using fake followers.
And I think same about these companies, why having fake followers? What’s the idea behind it?


Now those who are having fake followers, think about seeing some company in Facebook.
You see they have 15 000 likes, but then just little bit over 10 comments or likes in posts?
It look ridiculous, doesn’t it?

And having fake followers, won’t get your Instagram or other social media platform to Google front page. Or that people would find you more easily, by having fake followers.
There’s one article about this false way of thinking, and there is also another reasons why fake followers are not actually good idea.

Just why?

Is being famous or popular so fascinating, that people are really doing something like this?
Why being popular is important? Especially as you are not really popular, you are faking to be popular. Is it really worth it to have 10k followers, and only 100 likes in each photo?

Please whoever are using fake follower’s apps or buying followers, let me know reason behind this.


  • Minna

    My point exactly! 😀 Thanks for this posting, it was refreshing to read this and see that someone else has also been wondering the same. I really like IG, it’s nice to follow interesting people all over the world and especially I like their everyday posts – how is their day today etc. I love those who are really interested to follow my days and works. I wouldn’t want to have followers who don’t really want to follow me. I dislike those who start following and if / when I follow back (usually I do if someone starts following me) they stop following next day – many of them have started following me many times playing this weird on/off – but I’ll only start following once. 😀

    Noh, maailma on pinnallinen. Let us not be. <3


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