24.11.2016 11:35

Huge Bad Luck

You remember my post about the hospital visit? The one, where I really recommended everyone to have travel insurance while traveling…

Well… after that bad virus infection, which same time made my asthma worse, and insurance company decided not to cover my last medical check-up.. I still need to send them message about it.

Anyhow, that wasn’t my point. I was going to say, that after my infection, I injured myself again.

I know some of you might think it is impossible, but in fact, it is possible, because that is what happened to me.


The funny thing in this is; I am kind a sure, that my accident happened at the same day, when I had my last medical check-up in hospital.


This is how roads look like when it have been raining… It’s very slippery. And this is not that road where my injury happened 😀


It was rainy day, I had flip flops (because they are just best shoes here). I walked towards MRT station, and just suddenly slipped. I didn’t fall, but I think my ankle went little bit wrong angle.

I didn’t have any pain right after that, so obviously I can’t be sure was it that day, or some other day. Or maybe it was that day + all other days.


As I am athlete, I know that some injuries can wait couple days. Usually it is okay to see how it goes, and maybe it will be gone after few rest days. Of course, if the pain is very bad, and ankle look like football, then it is not okay to wait couple days.

But in my case, as there was no pain, or even swollen, I didn’t get suspicious.

And when pain came

Even when my pain started, I wasn’t ready to go to see doctor.

Biggest reason was, that I had finally permission to start training again. I know, I have made this same mistake already too many times, so I should have learnt what happens.

Another reason was, that I was too ashamed to call my insurance company. As I just got over from the last one. So I just couldn’t call them, that’s it.

Too painful to walk

I could actually say, that even when it was painful to walk, I kept going… Because the fact is, that I went to hospital on my own feet. Yes, it was painful and hard, but somehow I managed to do it.

But actually when my pain just went worse, and I had little bit swollen also, I just couldn’t do anything else than call my insurance company. And no, I didn’t even have my training session, and I am happy that my body was trying to keep me away from training as much as possible. –> meaning; I slept only 2 hours at the night before my morning training, and couldn’t get more sleep. Main reason probably was, that I stressed too much about my ankle, and well also the pain.


I went to different hospital, because I just couldn’t go to same place. I don’t know why, but I felt little embarrassed, so I decided to choose from those three hospitals, the last one.

I made good choice. My payment agreement was already there, they even had knowledge about it. Most importantly, there were staff with non-Singlish accent. I don’t mean, that Singlish accent is bad, and Singaporeans are not good enough, no I just mean, that finally there was someone who I fully understood. Also there was non-Singaporean patients! I felt so good 😀

I hope I don’t need to go to hospital with any other reason anymore. No more accidents or illnesses after this ankle. BUT if I have extremely bad luck, at least I know which hospital to go.

Silent suffering

When I reached hospital, my pain was already something very bad. I think I have never had that kind of pain before. Not even after my other ankle surgery years ago –> or I just had good painkillers at that time…first-aid-1040283_1280

Anyhow, Finns don’t normally show feelings, and they want to survive on their own. That is exactly like me. I suffered silently.

But I didn’t resist when the lady behind desk told me, that she will take wheelchair for me. Well yes, my Finn mode came on, and I told that I can just go to sit down… But after all I agreed with the wheelchair option.

First doctor (some kind of pre-doctor before the actual doctor), asked my symptoms, looked my ankle, test where the pain is etc. those normal stuffs what doctors do. He also took me blood pressure, and while taking it, he asked my level of the pain. It was numbers 1-10, and when I said 8, the doctor looked first me, and then blood pressure and just said ”well for sure you are in huge pain, as your blood pressure is high…”


Do I even need to tell you how many X-rays I have had in my life? I think only two hand fingers are not enough for that.

Anyhow, there was very low possibilities that I would’ve fractures or anything worse. But of course when pain is bad, it is important to make sure.

This time I was lucky, because I didn’t have fractures. And final diagnose was sprain injury. I was relieved.

So what now?


Those damn crutches…

I got medications for 5 days, because those are some kind of stronger meds, so it was possible to use them only for short period of time. And I got crutches. Those are something, with what it is extremely hard to walk in +35 degrees.

Still happy

But I am happy, because of this happened in Singapore, and not in Finland. That might sound weird, as I am abroad without my family and friends around, but I’ll explain the reason.


People here are just way much friendlier than in Finland. And yes, I am sure, that it is not just because I am not Singaporean.

I have seen in Finland how someone with crutches enter to full bus. Everyone in the bus are staring their phones, pretend that they are sleeping, and not give their place. Even bus driver do nothing, just leave the station as fast as possible. Because most important thing is to keep the schedule right.

Here people are giving their places right away. For bus driver time is not most important, but safety of all passenger is. They even encourage to take time, and not hurry. AND they always tell me to ”take care” when I leave bus.


People are just over friendly. Something where I am not get used to yet – in a good way of course. They help me, even if I am not asking help (duh I am from Finland). They ask if I need help where ever I am. In bus, mrt, stations, street, supermarket, school etc.

Not a day go by without someone asking if I am okay, do I need help etc. And that is something what Finnish people need to learn. Because some day you might need help, and what happens if everyone are just staring their phones, hope that you don’t notice anything… What if some day you are the person with crutches, and when it is already hard to get into bus, no one gives you place. Frustrating right?

So huge thanks for Singaporeans, that I feel much more comfortable and safe with sprain injury in Singapore, than I would feel in my own home country.


I got medical leave for 8 days, but for me that is impossible. Now it is already Thursday and I have been in school every day. If I would stay home again, I would start to feel depressed. And not even going to talk about all those courses, where I have so much things to do.

So I am going to school normally. Walking with those damn crutches with the attitude ”If you believe in yourself, never give up, and always stay positive – you are making everything possible.”

positive-725842_1280But even if am always so positive, and try to spread that positivity everywhere and for everyone, it doesn’t mean that I am not also having those grumpy days.

Those days are normal in this condition. Just at summer (August), after Finnish Championships, I got my full training motivation back. And now I am not able to do training (haven’t done training for over 20 days), and not able to make any progress for my summer season. So yes, that feels bad, and I feel pissed off, but it doesn’t mean that I would spread my negativity for everyone. I am feeling like that once in awhile, but it doesn’t mean my full life would be bad and miserable, because of one more injury.

Not giving up

Fact is, that I am not giving up. Not now, not tomorrow, not next week/month/year.board-1521336_1280

One day, all my problems will be gone. One day, I’ll be able to do training without any injuries.

Even if I changed my attitude before coming to Singapore from ”I try not to get any injuries”, to ”I will not get any injuries.” I sprained my ankle.

But now I think even more like that. This is last one, not only last in Singapore, but last in overall. After this I am able to do full training without any pain, or need to try to be careful. After this, I am simply ready to start my training towards successful summer season.

I might not be there yet, I might actually be very far away, but as long as I will not give up – every day I will come closer, and one day I’ll realize that I am there.

And after all from the bottom, there is just one way to go; and it is up. Nothing will last forever, no one will have bad luck for the rest of their lives. So yes, my luck will not be bad always.


  • Lasse

    Paljon tsemppiä sulle, Katri, vammoista toipumiseen!

    Ihailen taisteluasennettasi ja sitä, ettet koskaan luovuta. Täälläkin jaksat kirjoittaa, ja vaikkei lukijoita vielä suuria määriä olisikaan, niin sä tulet vielä voittamaan asenteellasi ja persoonallasi ihmiset puolellesi. Tunnistan taistelutahdossasi itseäni, ja tiedän, että sä olet Voittaja.

    On ollut mukava lukea kokemuksiasi elämästä Singaporesta. Jos joskus luon johonkin tulevaan romaaniini fiktiohahmon, joka matkustaa Singaporeen, niin haastattelen sitten sua yhtenä asiantuntijana tai kysyn sua uskottavuuden tarkastajaksi.

    Lähetän voimahalin, joka toivottavasti löytää perille sinne maailman toiselle laidalle 🙂


    P.S. Kokeilin muuten yhdessä novellissani naiskertojaa. Täältä pääset lukemaan sen ”Odette”-novellini ja katsomaan, miten yrityksessäni onnistuin:


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