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Interesting facts about Singapore

I have been thinking a lot what to write next. I have been staying extra hours in school, thinking there what should I write. I have been wandering around country, and thinking “where the heck are my ideas?” I have done many memos about different topics, but still there is just few words or sentences.

And then out of suddenly, I got email from JAMK, and there was exchange student survey, with topic “How has your exchange period been?” And that’s it. When I finished the survey, I got idea what to write about.

I’ll write about some interesting and nice to know facts about Singapore, and why to come to Singapore. Either to study or to work, or just for holiday.

Amount of exchange students

First of all, at least in Temasek Polytechnic in School of Business there is currently just two exchange students. Me and my roomie. So you will feel special, if you choose to study here for a while. First it can feel little lonely, or weird, but actually it is kind a cool.

Country itself

Country is amazing, full of things to do, even if locals disagree 😉 people are friendly and it is easy to feel like being in home. And food is amazing, even if it might look like weird 😀


Yes here are beaches, but no, you can’t swim in every beach

Not a beach country

Don’t except Singapore as beach country. If you want to get beautiful tan from laying in the beach – just choose some another country.
But if beach is not necessary, then there is also nice parks etc. where to go to get some sun.


Huge plus is the weather. I Have been here one month, and lowest temperature have been +25 degrees.
And even if you read from internet about rain season – there is not actually any rain season in Singapore. It rains almost every day, no matter which month it is.
It rains a lot for approximately one hour, and then it stops. And no, temperature will not go below +25.

Moving around

Public transport is efficient and fast, but same time as Singapore is small country with same amount of people as in Finland, it is for sure crowded. So don’t expect that your 5km school ride will take just 15min. At morning time it can take even 40min.


I think Singapore is full of interesting attractions and places to see. I am also that kind of person, that if some of my friends would come over, I wouldn’t show them right away biggest and most popular attractions like Singapore Zoo. I would rather take them to the places in nature, places where locals look me like they would like to say ”wtf you see in this?” But for tourist, and non Singaporean also those normal places can be very beautiful and extraordinary. And for me, as I like to take much photos and share at least one photo at one day in my Instagram, I think that I just see beauty in everywhere.

changi-villageChangi Village

This is for example one of those places where locals walked past me with weird expression on their faces. But if just one would’ve stopped and asked me, what do I see, I would’ve answered ”Just peacefulness.”

Marina Baymarina-bay

Well this is one of the most photographed places in Singapore. And I don’t even wonder why. It is really beautiful, and I’m sure that the hotel is beautiful also from inside; rooms and infinity pool, which is unfortunately just for hotel guests.


Singaporeans are shy people, so it can take little while before getting to know anyone more deeply, but no worries, as time will pass, you will get many new friends. Just give time.

Over friendly people

You might have heard, that Asians are so friendly for everyone, and you can expect huge friendliness while visiting Asia. How many have thought “well it is just some rumour…
But it is not. At least not in Singapore.
People really care about you. They ask how are you doing, especially if they haven’t heard from you for a while.

Example: At my first weeks I was doing my normal morning training with local throwers group, and when training ended, I was just deeply in my own minds and left home straight from shower.
Later, I was surfing on internet and had few messages from my coach, asking me if everything is okay. Why did I left so quietly, am I okay, did something happened?
I had to convince that I am okay, just tired and was in my own minds. Meanwhile in Finland, it is not that big deal to go away from training and forget to say goodbye. I wasn’t waiting for that. But for sure I have learned my lesson, and will never again leave training without saying anything 😀

Singlish… wait what?


Just one example of this great language 😉 Photo from here

Please take in account that Singlish is main language, so there can be some difficulties to understand all speaking, but you’ll get used to it. Words like ”lah, meh & leh” will probably be part of your speaking after exchange time 😉

Easy to reach other countries

It is very easy to also travel another Asian countries from Singapore, as there is so many cheap flights and many big cities and beach cities are less than 4h flight away.


Are you that kind of person, who is saying that being at the phone all the time is bad habit and increasing technology bad..? Well, please don’t travel to Singapore then. Don’t try your nerves. Or if you come, please stay away from other people, and travel only with taxis 😉

People are using their phones, all the time. They are not maybe even doing with it anything; they are just looking at it. Really.
At mrt, bus, street, school, bus station, mrt station… only people with their phones.
And not only youths, child, but also adults and elderly.

Pokemon GO



It hasn’t died in Singapore yet. People are playing it everywhere.
In Finland many adults are thinking “so stupid, people don’t have anything else to do if they play that. Only for children.” Nope, it is not only for children and dumb people.
Here, also those +70 years old people play it. And it is normal.

There is actually ongoing Pokemon Go based event in Changi Airport, and when I visited there, it was full of people. So crowded that it was impossible to see anything what was going on.

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