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Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia. This time capital city really looked like capital city 🙂

First of all, I want to say that we were in KL just few days, so there’s probably much more things to see, feel and experience than we did.
And again, me and my mom are persons who like nature, not museums etc.


When we were planning our trip around Asia, we had idea to spend our Christmas eve in Singapore. However, my mom got brilliant idea and booked hotel and air tickets to KL.

Christmas Eve morning gym 😛

* In Malaysia Christmas in not big holiday, since it is celebrated in Christianity. So shops, restaurants etc. are normally open. But Christmas have become part of public holidays, because of the tourism.

How was our Christmas?

There were much things which didn’t went as planned. But is it even fun, if everything goes as planned?

In Finland, ideal Christmas is the relaxing one. Just eating, opening gifts, spending time with family, and probably also visiting Christmas church.

Our Christmas was totally different.
We walked a lot (my mom had her best record in daily steps in her phone app), we also had morning gym training –> Because well even Christmas is not excuse for skipping training 😉

Batu Caves

Tourist pose 😉

This is something I definitely recommend to see if you are planning a trip to Kuala Lumpur. People usually remember KL as a huge modern city, but then there’s also these ”hidden gems.”

It’s nice attraction, but however, if you have seen a lot of temples, and maybe been in Krabi and walked the stairs up to the Tiger Temple. This is not much different from it, and it is not even that beautiful. Well in my opinion of course. For religious people (Buddhism, Hinduism) it’s totally different.

But why do I still recommend it? Well, mostly because of the dark cave. You can’t go there on your own, it is strictly with tour guide. Our guide Faiz was very good! But unfortunately I think, that some of his ”hey you know I just found this very rare spider”, wasn’t true, and probably was just setup. Can’t say for sure, but it just felt like that.

Bird Park

We really wanted to see Bird Park, in TripAdvisor it is listed as one of the ”must see attractions” in Kuala Lumpur.  Birds freely flying in the park.

Just one hungry bird at the restaurant 🙂

First of all we searched it long time, went to wrong direction, and finally ended up to sit for awhile in nearby cafe, as it started to rain heavily and lightning. My mom was so pissed off at that time already, because of walking and getting lost etc. 😉 I had pretty good feeling still, why would let something so small ruin my day?

And when we found the bird park, we just decided not to go there. Why? Because it was so clearly possible to see, that there is not birds flying as free. There was cages, and just few birds flying free. And even those few were not free to go away from the park, as there was huge net all over the park. So that’s it about the ”free flying bird park.”


We had our lunch at the bird park. Really I will not recommend to eat there. It was over priced, and totally made for tourists, as who else would pay so much for the food, which you can get much cheaper from anywhere else? And quality of the food was just bad.

What else?

Honestly, we didn’t do much. We went back to hotel after bird park, then changed clothes and headed to city. Went by taxi, as our legs were so tired already from walking, and it was still raining…

Must see attraction ;D

So we went to see Twin Towers, didn’t go in, as I just wanted to take must-take tourist photo of the whole towers.  And then we went to eat; again searched it too long time, got lost, and finally ended up to some shopping center to eat. Again food, what I don’t recommend. Unfortunately right now I don’t remember name of the place, but it was some fish restaurant. It looked so yummy, but it was floating in fat, so nope.

BUT I still enjoyed my Christmas, because I spent it with the most important person in the world; my mom <3

View from our hotel rooftop at evening <3


And the pool at 33rd floor 🙂

Even if it was ”only for ladies” there were also guys. Disappointment 😀

And our hotel was super nice! With the rooftop pool! Even if we didn’t swim there much x)

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