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Physiotherapy in Singapore

Physiotherapy is not necessary in ankle sprain injury, but especially for athletes I really recommend it.
Sometimes it is very hard to think clearly, and even simple question like ”can I already get rid of my crutches”, might be impossible to answer.
Of course also doctor can say if it is allowed, and are you ready to continue training. But usually physiotherapist might know better, and they also give you movements to do in order to get you back into your sport as soon as possible.

Physiotherapy, why?

Everyone should know their own body best, but everyone also make mistakes. And those mistakes usually happens, when you want something so much, that you are not listening your body.
Only that one mistake can be the point, where you can lose everything what you have worked for.
It’s scary to think, and usually it takes more than one mistake, but if already one mistake is too big, it can also make much damage.

I decided to go to physiotherapy just because there is so much to lose, if I do anything wrong while rehabilitation.
I have done several mistakes before with my left ankle (so another one).
I have been at the point where I have had to decide whether I quit all sport or change my main sport in track & field.
No one should get to that point, especially when you are just 13 years old. –> So the fact is, that I am just too scared and unsure about everything.
I don’t want to start anything too soon, because I know how hard ankle injuries can be, it can easily get injured again without proper rehabilitation.

However, I am not that 13 years old girl anymore. But even if I am smarter now, it doesn’t mean that I could not make mistakes again.

And unfortunately I already made one mistake. I have made it before, and that’s why I am just thinking how is it possible that I am still after all doing same mistake, all over again.

What is that mistake?

At my first session (tell more about it later), my therapist told me the cruel fact;
Biggest damage didn’t probably even happen when I slipped.
It happened at the time when I decided to wait almost week before going to see doctor.
I should’ve visit doctor right at the time when my pain started.
So while that one week, I made biggest damage. Because I was walking with sprained ankle, and I was living normal life, except going to training – even if it actually crossed my mind.

Simply my mistake what I make over and over again, is not going to doctor when I should go.
I think biggest reason for this is, that deeply in my mind, I just don’t want to get any diagnose, so that I could just continue training as far as possible – until I have made too much damage.
And I know, that is just wrong.
I should already know at this point, that pain is not normal, especially when it starts after accident.

But somehow I am still making that same stupid decision, over and over again. Anyhow, lets move on ;D

First session

Approximately 2 weeks ago, I had my very first physiotherapy session.

Was too ashamed Finnish girl to take picture from inside 😀

I searched long time from internet, and finally found one place where one session rate was under 100€. In Singapore there is some cultural thing, that you can’t usually find prices from the website, so if you want to know, you just have to make call or send email. I emailed there, and get to know, they also have student price.

And it is always easier when physiotherapist is not talking Singlish (I don’t mean there is nothing bad about it). He is Irish guy, living now obviously in Singapore 🙂 so instead of hearing Singlish, I hear Irish accent. Good that it is not the worst accent… :’D

Anyway, at my first session, I got permission to get rid of my crutches, after week using those, it was relief. But I also get to know, that I have sprained all three of my right ankle outer area tendons. That’s why I’ll have longer rehabilitation (and much pain), and that’s why going to physiotherapy was extremely good idea.

Second session

My second session was on Tuesday. And I got lot of good news!

First of all, I can start hammer throw training after this week – slowly, but still start! 🙂 and to Taekwon-Do training I can get back after two and half weeks – so after Christmas! This is something so incredible, because I was thinking I have to wait for 6 weeks, so this is much better than I was expecting.

Reason why getting back to Taekwon-Do training is later than hammer throw, is that there is much more training on the ankle. And even if I can start training, I can’t do kicks, not to someone or to something. That can cause huge damage to my ankle, which is still not healed properly.

In hammer throw slow start means, taking into account that my balance and strength of my ankle are not normal. However in both training I have to use my ankle support, using it at least one month in all sport.

Deep thoughts

I have never imagined, that one sprain injury (well three in one), can cause so much trouble. My right ankle have always been worse than my left in balance – but now it is even more worse. I was pro in standing on the balance board with one leg, two legs, and even eyes closed –> now the eyes closed part is too hard. I lost my balance all the time, and I just realized how much I have work to do, in order to be able to do pain free full training again.

”Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year. But eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.” ~ Lance Armstrong

However already today I am closer to my goal, than I was yesterday. And as long as I keep going, I’ll be closer every day. Most important thing is to remember, that if there will be one or two (or more) bad days, it won’t make any difference. There will be those days, there will be days with pain, sweat and tears – but that is just something what I have to deal with. I have to remember that one day, I’ll achieve my goal, and I can make new one.



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