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What does friendship mean to you?

Friendship, what does it mean to you?

This is something what I have been planning to write already several months, or almost like a year. For some reasons, I have just skipped writing about this, and well that’s it.
But now, since it is Valentine’s Day, I think this is good post for this day 🙂

Less is better

I start with telling, that I have awesome friends, for me less is better than hundreds of them.
I admit, that I have trust issues, so getting close with someone can take time. Sometimes I can trust more easily than other times. It really depends.
Unfortunately, I also lose that trust easily, if something goes wrong. And after losing the trust, it is hard or even impossible to get back.
So be careful 😉

But what does it mean to you?

I’m asking all of you, what does friendship mean to you? I’m clearly repeating myself, so let’s get to the point.

Is friendship respecting each other’s? And how does this respect is seen in your friendship(s)?
Do you trust them? Can you talk with them about everything?
Are you ready to explain reason, if you are not able to be “present” at some point of your life?
Or do you just start to ignore your friend, don’t reply messages, and finally tell how everything is their fault?
Or can you handle your own life, take responsibility without blaming others?

How do I see it?

Now, I’ll tell you, how I see friendship, and what does it mean for me.
I am introvert, not going to bars/clubs, like to be alone, hate to be middle of attention. That’s me.
And this article, perfectly describes me and my way of thinking.

That’s me.

My friends

But I don’t require that my friend would be like me.
They can be whoever they are.

I don’t mind, if my friend is extrovert and want me to go bar with her/him. That’s okay, I can handle it, I can go once in a while. But sorry, I won’t come to dance with you. Because I don’t like dancing, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I rather just sit back and enjoy my drink, usually non alcohol, because I like to keep my mind clear.

From here

I don’t mind if my friend is from another country.
Duh, my mom is already from another country. And why would I like to travel so much, if I wanted my friends to be all Finns.

I believe, that it is possible to become close friends with someone you have never met in real life.
Thanks for my very good friend Abdul, who is exactly like this. Never met, but somehow I feel like I would’ve known him forever.
Sometimes very annoying, but who wouldn’t be? And most of the time, I wouldn’t have survived without him.
So thanks for being there for me 🙂

I don’t mind if my friend is having difficulties in their life.
I will not disappear because of not talking for a while.
I’ll be there whenever they need me.

BUT if my friend is contacting me only when they need me, when they have just free time, when they are bored, when they are feeling lonely.
I don’t think you can call that friendship anymore. That’s more like “just having someone to talk to when I am bored, and no one else is picking up.”

If someone treat me like that, then unfortunately at some point I realize the problem and I have nothing else to do, than let go. It hurts, but it will hurt even more in long run.

For my friends

I don’t want to end this post for telling about bad friendships, I want to end this in positive way.
I want to thank all of my friends, each of them. I won’t thank them separately, but I’ll thank them in here.
Thank you for being there for me, thank you for not judging my decisions and always be by my side.
I can be sometimes total idiot, I can be very hard person – welcome to life of introvert 😀 But thanks for not letting me behind.

True Friends are connected Heart to Heart, distance and time can’t break them apart ❤

Pic from here


Right now, there’s huge distance between me and most of my friends. But I want to say, that even if I am not sending messages everyday, even if I sometimes forget to answer.. you are in my mind 🙂

And I miss you all :*


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 🙂 My friends, family, relatives, and you who are reading this. Everyone deserves to get Valentine’s Day wishes, if you haven’t get one yet, take it from here. Have a beautiful day, evening or night 🙂

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