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What people want to know?

Yesterday evening, or more like at night, I was so bored, that I signed in after long time to Demi. That’s Finnish chat platform for mostly girls and youths. There’s also many over 20 years old people, so I am not only one.

However, I decided to make a questionnaire; “ask anything from person who is in Singapore as exchange student.” So I didn’t say what to ask, just anything. Because I was so bored, and not sleepy at all yet.

And then I just got idea, and decided to share those questions with answers here in my blog. Of course questions are translated from finnish to english 🙂

Are you tallest person there?

No I am not. Here are so much tourists, and also international workers and students etc. And Asians are not that small and short after all. But of course amongst only Asians, I am one of the tallest.

Is everyone workaholic there?

I haven’t met many people in working life. But let’s just say, that in school life, I was surprised how people wasn’t that focused to school. It’s like in Finland. Some people are very hardworking students, but then some doesn’t give a shit. That was surprising, as people actually pay for their studies, so I thought that they would pay more attention, so that they won’t get kicked out from school.

How much school cost?

I think it depends on the school. But school where I am, is for Singaporeans one year approximately 4000€. For international students it’s even more. For me, well my school takes care of it. Thanks JAMK.

How much homeless people there are? Where they stay?

I haven’t seen much homeless people. I have seen some beggars, but the fact that I am not sure if they are homeless persons, or are they just begging money.
Some of the locals say, that homeless people are staying overnight in the airport. As airport is open 24/7, so why not. But as Singapore is tropical country around the year, it’s not that bad to stay out. Of course home is always home, but it is so much different for homeless be in -30 degrees than +30.

Do you order food from food stalls?

Food from the food stalls

Yes, I do. Hawker Centers are cheapest places to eat, or take-away. And also locals usually eat out, as cooking in home is more expensive. Sometimes I have decided to go to eat some fancier place, but the food is actually much better in those small food stalls.

Do they sell chewing gum?

This is something what people always wonder, and what all news tell – that you can’t take gum with you, and they will arrest you etc. That’s not totally true. Actually I have seen chewing gum in grocery store. But it’s nothing like in Finland. There’s not xylitol, and it’s not even sugar free. So it is more like some kind of candy.

But don’t think to take big bags of chewing gum from home country, as if you selling those independently is against law.

Why did you choose Singapore?

It’s not possible not to like this country!

I have been here before in 2015 for one month. And I simply fell in love with the whole country. Also because I want to build own business in future, and Asian countries and Asian people will somehow be involved. So seeing how things work here is great opportunity for future.

What kind of people around my age are?

Well some of them seem younger. Especially at the school, atmosphere is sometimes like in primary school.
But people are nice and super friendly 🙂 it’s also super hard to tell from Asian people what’s their age. Usually they look like much younger than they really are. What’s their secret behind this?

Is there currently some weird fashion style/trends?

I don’t follow that much (not at all) fashion or trends etc. But this all Asian whitening thing is just too weird for me. Grocery stores and pharmacies are full of whitening products, and how to get white skin in fastest way. I just don’t get the idea.

In Europe people want to get tan when they are abroad, in Asia, people want to get white. World is so weird place to live.

What about gender roles? Equality (sexualities, rich/poor etc.)? Transsexuality?

To be honest I have not searched this information, and also I am not faced it. So in other words I don’t know much about this kind of things.

What I know, is that gay sexuality is prohibited and against law.
People are equal. No one looks badly if women is working.
I haven’t seen any clear gap between rich and poor. Maybe there is not anything like that.
Red district area is real in Singapore also.

What have been best during your exchange time?

There’s so much experiences, and hard to differentiate anything. But however best thing has definitely been the fact how much I have learned about myself. I have overcome my fears. And I have become more independent. Definitely got more courage to speak English.

What have irritated you?

I think only one word is enough to tell everything: Singlish.

What is the language spoken in SG?

Same as last question. And then Chinese and normal English.

Street cat

What do you miss most from Finland?

My cat! And also just simply the feeling to be around my family and friends 🙂

Enough questions for this time, but please if you have any questions about anything, ask me. And I can make same kind of new post later if there’s enough questions 🙂

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 🙂

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