13.11.2017 22:10


My brave moment……


In our lives there are moments of incredible bravery and beauty and also, when it seems that you are the weakest person on earth. Our world has seen and experienced some intense hardships. We’ve felt some of them in our homes, in our work, and within our families. Reaching out, attempting to do our best and venturing to overcome obstacles so we can live in all our beautiful potential is not easy. It is hard work. It takes intense determination, but just as you have done it before with insane bravery, you can keep doing it.

You know you are not perfect, but you are strong and capable of great accomplishments. 

Your dreams are worth it. Don’t stop believing in yourself or taking risks. The greatest things come to us when we are brave. Have there been moments in your lives when you have told to yourself that ” I was brave. I was capable, even when I felt so sure that I couldn’t do it. I went out there, and I did it”


What is your story of bravery?  If you would like to share that moment and encourage others, please share it in the comment section. 

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