5.3.2018 22:33

The Loss of a Lifetime…..

 When we lose someone, we are not only robbed of their physical presence in the here and now, but we (and they) also lose the chance to spend our tomorrows together. Life after their death remains filled with thoughts of “if only”, ” we would have”, and “I wish.”

There are special characteristics unique to the sibling bond.Though every loss is unique but when a sibling dies, it is like a deep hole implodes inside of us.Whether our sibling was younger or older, whether the death was sudden or anticipated, whether we were very close to our sibling throughout our lives or experienced periods of separation, we feel the grief.

I was awakened in the middle of the night to the terrible news that my sister had died. The world seems shattered. It seemed inconceivable that she is no more. She was no stranger to illness and hospitals, and always before she’d survived and gone on living life to the fullest. Many people would have given up, but not my sister. She wanted to enjoy every minute she could with her family and friends. This time she was admitted to hospital for a small surgery and we were pretty sure that she will be with us in few days’ time but we did not know that she will never be back home again.The most talkative and lively amongst us siblings, she left us without saying a word.

Words cannot describe her. Those who try to use words and phrases like caring, compassionate, adventurous, bold, friend to all, generous, loving, inspiring, strong-willed, determined, larger than life… the list is long and multifaceted. I regret that I could not be there for her at the end, as she has always been for me. Her loss has hit  hard not only because she had known me since the day I was born or because we were so close but for many other special reasons. There was always a child inside her. When she recently told her wish to see the world, she left the world. And now, she’s gone. It has already been a month when she’s no longer around. People say that this grief will ease with time. But it seems like making no sense and probably never will.



”There’s no replacing a sister”.







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