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Bakery products at Fiskars

We had an opportunity to visit at the Slow Food Festival in Fiskars Village. At the Festival over eighty producers from Uusimaa and Varsinais-Suomi in southern Finland get together for the weekend to sell and market their local products and services.

The Fiskars village is a very beautiful place, especially now in October when the trees are very colorful. There are nice old buildings and all different kinds of shops, restaurants and cafes around the village.

 We participated in the “meeting” at 12.30 by Johan K. Dal, who spoke about “The Global Food System” in the Assembly hall. It was interesting to get the opportunity to know more information about this movement and discuss about different cultures in all over the world.

Slow food is an international eco- gastronomic, member- supported and non- profit organization, which has the aim to promote local sustainable food.


I think we are in the process to learning how to work together with these people and try to respect the environment and promote the local food. It is important to know different cultures and try to help them with our better knowledge of and control over what we eat and how it is produced.

You can feel more realized when you are collaborating with the nature and helping local producers, and why not, it could be a form of feeling like home.


During our visit we got to know Backers Bakery.   We met Anders Lindholm who works at the bakery.

He told us something about this company which is owned by Olle and Diana Lindholm.

“Backers Baker is a family owned café and bakery close to Fiskars Village in Raseborg. We specialize in organic, handmade bread and pastries. Our café serves organic coffee, fresh bread, buns and filled sandwiches directly from the bakery which is in the same building.

In the café we also sell fresh products to take home and if you need larger quantities, you can order in advance. If you don’t have the opportunity to visit our bakery shop, you will find our products in many grocery stores in Finland. You can contact us for more information.

Backers is not only a bakery, but also a farm which has been owned by the same family since the 17th century. The present owners, Olle and Diana still grow organic wheat which is used in the archipelago bread, which has been rewarded for its delicious taste. Backer’s bread is not only good for your conscience but also for the taste buds.” (

The most popular item/pastry is sweet rye bread, saaristolaisleipä and sweet bun, wiener doughnut.

Of course, they have their own Easter delicacy, mämmi.

You can also find some of these delicious products from Stockholm and Åland.

Text and pictures: Judith Domingo, Emilia Jylhä, Anniina Jussila, Tiina Niskanen

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